Transmission Troubles: 3 Parts That Are Prone To Damage


Most drivers don't pay attention to their car's transmission system until there's a problem. And when that problem arises, it's usually something major, like the transmission slipping or grinding gears. However, did you know that several parts of the transmission system are prone to damage? This article highlights three of them. Torque Converter The torque converter converts the engine's torque into hydraulic power using a series of transmission fluid-filled discs that rotate at different speeds.

11 May 2022

What's Involved in a Full Rear Axle Service?


Many vehicles today are front-wheel-drive, which means that the engine, gearbox and transmission are all in one place. This makes a major service visit that much easier, but if you have a rear-wheel-drive car or truck, you need to pay attention to the rear axle transmission and make sure that it is properly serviced from time to time as well. How is this type of work performed? Service Intervals Vehicle manufacturers specify service intervals, and typically, you may only need to drain and refill the fluid from your back axle.

9 March 2022

Essential Tips for Servicing a Luxury Vehicle


Anyone who owns a car must prioritise routine maintenance. However, you should double the effort if you own a luxury car brand or model. High-end luxury vehicles are not built like the regular cars you see around. Notably, they incorporate additional features and capabilities for enhancing comfort, performance and safety. After all, repairing a damaged component of a luxury vehicle does not come cheap. Here are essential tips to help you service a luxury car and keep it in pristine condition.

3 January 2022

Two Big Reasons to Keep Up With Your Logbook Service Visits


Mechanical parts are designed to wear out over time. Car manufacturers build a certain amount of latency into these parts to ensure aftermarket sales and average road use will, in any case, cause certain components to degrade. You may think that this is nothing new, and you know that you have to service some of these parts from time to time. Yet, did you know that there are other reasons for keeping up with periodic maintenance, especially if your car is relatively new?

25 October 2021

Was Your Car Involved in an Accident? 4 Panel-Beating Techniques to Bring It Back to Form


Car accidents happen when you least expect them. Whether you were involved in a minor fender bender or a major accident, you will notice certain defects on the body of your car that need immediate repair. A professional panel beater can help you fix the physical damage through quality panel-beating. Here are some of the most common processes that an auto expert uses to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

2 September 2021

Key Benefits of Logbook Servicing


Keeping on top of things regarding car servicing is crucial since it prevents issues from getting out of hand. It is the reason vehicle manufacturers include logbook services during purchase. However, some car owners still ignore logbook servicing and take their vehicle for a check-up when the dashboard starts blinking. Regrettably, such negligence often proves costly. Besides extending a car's service life, here are other equally important reasons to get logbook servicing.

14 July 2021

Get Your Car Air Conditioning Updated Before Summer


Summer in Australia is never a pleasant experience if your car's air conditioning isn't functioning properly. If you have been putting off fixing your car's air conditioning, now is the perfect time to do it, before the heat kicks in. While you may be able to survive winter in Australia without car air conditioning, there is no doubt that in a couple of months' time, this decision to avoid fixing or updating your car's air conditioning will come back to haunt you.

30 March 2021